climbing the tree of life

There was once a little squirrel named Brownie who had finished school for the summer. He had really nothing planned.  His mother told him; “You may spend the day in the forest, but remember to be careful and be back early.

Brownie decided to go as far as he could……so he packed a bag full of nuts; Who knows what he would find , or how hungry he would get?

He bounced (as squirrels do) straight into the forest seeing more huge trees than ever. Each one beckoned him to climb aboard… but no there was always one taller just beyond. Until suddenly a voice sounded from deep inside one huge tree that said; “Brownie, If you climb clear to the top, I will give you the best gift you have ever received .” While Brownie could not even see the top, he shook his tail excitedly and was instantly drawn into the climb, so  curious as to what that gift might be. He said down his bag, and jumped  far into the first branch

After most of the day struggling upward from one limb to another… and another…. his feet and arms were aching; his long tail drooping  between his churning  legs from the continuous pull.

Finally, reaching the very top of the swaying branches, he breathed a sigh and called to the voice; “Now, where is my gift?” Finding after several demands… there was total silence; nothing ….but the wind that moved him, alone, like a pendulum  back and forth  in the treetop.

Sad and disappointed, noting that it was very late and his mother would would be worried,  Brownie turned upside down for the long trip down. But as he did, he took one last look outward and was frozen in place because of what he saw;

Above the carpet of treetops were emerald blue lakes, plunging waterfalls; high mountains covered with snow; green valleys filled with flowers of every color; a rainbow that stretched across the far lands of possible greater wonder. The orange-yellow sun was just fading behind the horizon.

And, all over the landscape were hundreds of  strange animals he could not even name…… just grazing about in little clusters.

Totally breathless from the wonder of it all,  he bounded downward from limb to limb as fast as he could go; so eager was he to share the GIFT that he knew was delivered by the “Voice”.

As he burst into a gathering of friends  and family, who had just sat down for dinner, he caught his breath and told them excitedly all of what he had done and seen  They laughed at his account, prepared to forget the whole unbelievable story. Brownie lowered his head and wiped a tear from his cheek.

Until Johnnie, his little brother, spoke from behind his mother in an equally excited voice;

“Yes,,,,, but what if it’s true?”

Brownie smiled and looked up into the sky.              So did Johnnie






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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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