In the little town of Blessingsville a baby was born. He was the biggest boy ever born at that Hospital. He weighed 17 lbs. and had a full head of sandy red hair. He was walking at 3 months , and spoke in sentences at 6 months. His name was Lucky.

It was not long before everyone in town was talking about him, and were anxious to greet him so as to witness his tremendous display of  maturity and talent. His path through traditional school was frustrating, for it never provided the challenges that he needed. His parents looked for a mentor to be the  teacher he require. It seemed impossible for them to keep up with him.

There was an old man who was said to live in the poor part of town, who had begun visiting Lucky’s neighborhood. Soon he was to be found mysteriously sitting at the curb daily, waiting for him to come home from school.

Instantly, a bond began between the two of them; much to the dismay of his parents who were concerned about the relationship. There were others as well who figured that the old man was up to no good, and even reminded Lucky of the man’s assumed background……living in a shack in “poor-town”.

Even as Lucky progressed to State Championships in his every undertaking, he seemed to have failed to impress the old man……now understood to be called Bob.

Lucky had always reasoned that every step of the way he had earned success, because of his study and dedication toward perfection and recognition. He had, in fact, been asked to give many speeches about his phenomenal growth. On the other hand, he had been continually warned by Bob, in their sessions together, that there was more to things than what he imagined.

Bob had repeatedly challenged Lucky; “You think it is all about you don’t you?”

Lucky soon found it hard to visit with Bob, because of what he viewed as constant criticism.

One day Lucky failed to show up at the regular time after school. Shortly after, the driver of the bus stopped and spoke to those waiting there ……..He revealed that Lucky had been struck by a car as he ran to catch the bus, and that he had been taken to Emergency.

Upon arrival, his parents were told that he was in critical condition: That both of his legs had been severely crushed. They also explained that, to quote Lucky : “He heard a voice call Stop!” and he did in the middle of the street….. only to be struck by a car.

That in that moment; “His life passed before him”….. and display of all the things that he had accomplished flashed before his eyes.

The same voice that called “Stop!” asked;” Who caused these many good things to happen in your life?”

Bob, having heard about the disaster on the news, arrived secretly and after visiting hours. As Lucky slept, he placed his hands upon the bundled legs and began prayers that lasted clear into the early morning. The prayer ended “Father, thank you for what you are about to do.”

Lucky awoke to  the sound of the closing of a door.

Lucky reached down to his legs that had suddenly gained a warm sensation, the pain leaving his legs, and he easily moved his toes. A healing had instantly begun.

With tears streaming down his cheeks, the following words flowed from his mouth; “Dear Lord……. all that I am or ever will be, are the result of your gifts alone; that they are the result of my efforts was totally false…… You are working in me now as I lie here.”

‘My life will be totally yours…. My legs will walk in your pathways forever.”…… Amen

Some years later Lucky told this story at a graduation ceremony at the Bible College.  Not surprisingly, it was Bob’s (that is; Robert J. Steves)  alma mater…….where he served as Founder and Dean until his accident when he died in 1970.

This was just before Lucky was born!

One would wonder how to account for all of this. Lucky would certainly question Bob if he were still living. “How can this happen?”

Bob would, of course reply; “Now that you know the awesome power of God……Why would you ask?”

The obvious response from any one of us who read this story,  might also  be;

“But Bob……..Who, in heaven’s name,  were you?”
































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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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