Some of you may have wondered; “What’s this, with just stories about boys?” So, in the recognition of the off-times better half, you should know that I can do girls, as a matter of fact we have a couple of our own.

I submit the following story with the suggestion that; while each of their their behavior patterns are often very much different, as well as their objectives; they enjoy the very same  amazing vehicle to form their  life’s plan for getting there;

God’s grace.

The story is as follows;

The morning sun had begun to creep up the covers of Mindy’s bed, when she remembered this could not be a sleep-in Saturday, but that she had an important plan for both her and her pal Winkleman . She was soon to find that he had already sensed something was up, and his tail was thumping the night stand, and he had started to whine for her to dress.

“Hush Wink, You’ll wake everyone in the house” she cautioned.

Mindy pulled on her top and shorts as she glanced over to the top shelf in the closet, where she had placed it a weeks ago………Her secret box. She brought it to her bed and opened the lid, to make sure they were still there. Yep……they are are!

It was time to go, so Mindy tip-toed down the staircase to the foyer. Winkleman followed, seeming to recognize the need for silence, so he let out nary a sound.

She thought there will be time later for breakfast, but she nabbed a biscuit for Wink and an cookie for herself …….just in case. She could just hear her mother saying; “Don’t you dare go out without something in your stomach. She mused, “Mother would be so proud of me”.

Just as she made it out to the porch……there was Luke who had pulled up on his bike with his load of newspapers, ready to tease rather than deliver.

“Whatcha got in the box?” he said, reaching for it.

“None of your business!” Snapped Mindy placing it behind her.

Luke dropped the paper and rode wobbly back onto the sidewalk, shouting into the Saturday-quiet air: “See if I ever tell you anything, monkey face!”

For Mindy it was already way too much just seeing him a school recess. So, calling Wink to her side, she jogged off down the block to where the street ended at the woods, then onto the grassy path that led to her favorite tree.

She had been told as a very little girl by her mother, Alice; that “This was where God lived.” But, that He had no favorite tree. Just like no favorite people. Mindy had long begun to realize that He had made everything she found there; The glistening pond beyond, and the birds that fluttered about. She found her place upon the soft moss at the base of the huge Oak.

The chipmunk family were not thrilled at her disturbing their search for breakfast morsels that were scattered about the base of the tree.

Wink had seriously sniffed the whole area and had cork-screwed his big body to that it would lie heavy against Mindy’s bare leg.

“Well, it’s time”, sighed Mindy as she lifted the lid of the worn old box.

There they were; ballet shoes, same as always; simply beautiful, red and shiny ….just her size and with the gold laces tying them together.

Aunt Mary had said when she gave them to her two years ago for her birthday; “These were mine when I was very young. I pray that they will take you where you want to go. But first you need to know where that is. It may take time, so be patient.”

Mindy never missed a single day of ballet lessons in Mrs. Bouchet’s class while using her old shoes, saving the gift for the “right” time. Her dad, Frank, witnessed her dedication and gave her praise, though he thought soccer to be a better choice. Her mom was thrilled, as she watched her grow into a wonderful dancer.

Time and time again Mindy had visited the old tree with these red slippers laced up tight, and danced around and around, with Wink in tow, his tongue dragging from the effort, Again and again, she abandoned the effort to quietly read and remember Aunt Mary’s words “They will take you where you want to go.”

In her thoughts, as she tried to read, were about the wonderful things that could happen in the future. Far above all was the dream of dancing the Swan in the American Ballet.

She had been told that “There will be signs”. She supposed from God or something. Never had it happened…….until this  Saturday morning in June, and in her twelfth year; the sun burst through the shadows of that giant tree to rest solidly upon that old box.

Then, a soft voice, as it seemed born by the wind, encouraged: “Mindy.. …Mindy; close your eyes and dream upon my words…. see what I see in you.”

As Mindy did hat, she visioned all that she had struggled for come alive. She was the Swan. The music of it all filled her ears, her body was possessed by a power, grace, and beauty that could only be directed by God’s intention.

She jumped to her feet joyously shouting; “There is no magic in the shoes!” It has been given to me. My dream has come true!

Even on later Saturday visits to “her place”; she was settled…..she knew; “Soon I will be the Swan.”

Winkleman totally agreed, as his tail thumped repeatedly on the ground beside her; his head upon her lap,tongue licking her fingers as she stroked his long ears.

You see, he knew…….. He already had fulfilled his dream!



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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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