You Can Keep Your Rabbit’s Foot

It was Friday morning and Eli had packed his bag for the trip to San Diego with his Mom, Grandma, and Poppa D. It seemed that he had forgotten something……but what was it? Oh yes, his lucky rabbit’s foot. You never know, he thought; as he stuck it into his pocket.

The airport was crammed with people all waiting for services. They waited hours, it seemed, in the boarding line where they checked everything. Amazingly, they totally missed the foot . He patted it and joined the line into the big plane. The family taking a whole row; Eli on the isle.

Not long after they were in the air, the stewardess greeted Eli with: “How would you like a treat young man?” Eli smiled back at the offer and said yes, wondering what it might be.  She took him by the hand and led him toward the cockpit. He looked to his Mom for assurance, and Amber gave a thumbs-up, knowing it was sometimes a practice to introduce youngsters to the Pilot in a brief tour of the cockpit.

At the door she called “Knock…Knock, new pilot aboard”

“Enter” the voice said inside. It was the pilot who smiled and said; ” What’s your name? Come, sit down, I’m Captain Ralph; Have any experience with the 707?”

“A little, and I’m Eli, ” He replied; “I got a model for Christmas that I put together from scratch”.

“Well, that’s close enough”, returned the pilot; as he began to show him some of the instruments that guide the plane. Eli nodded at every thing that was being explained and fired back a question when anything was unclear.

The Captain was amazed. He never had any visitor so into the whole business of flying.

Pretty soon the pilot said; ” You up for a snack? I could use one.” Eli took a pass, explaining; “I’m pretty busy…but you go ahead”

The captain called to the stewardess; “How about some peanut butter and crackers? Bring some back for Lou ( the co-pilot) when he comes back from the bathroom.

On the third bite, the Captain began gasping for air and fell from his seat ; his face absolutely white. Eli sprung into action and grabbed the controls, realizing that the should have told the Captain about  the peanut butter thing. He reached into his pocket for his rabbit’s foot and placed it on the control panel with the warning; “OK  Bunny you better  do your thing!” The pilots explanations spun through his head.

Then… ” That’s it! Switch on the auto pilot” With one click the airplane stabilized.

Just then, a voice came on the intercom: “Eli; This is God! You can forget the rabbits foot. I made you and the rabbits’ whole body.”

“Hand over the controls…I’m doing the landing!”

Eli smiled in relief, grabbed the furry foot , opened the window and tossed it out into the clouds; shouting; as he opened the window;” You’re outta here. I just got a way better deal.”

Smooth as silk, the huge plane touched down, and Ralph was attended to. But, you can picture all that.

What you don’t know is ; that the bathroom thing with the copilot was a cover up. It was the cute new stewardess in coach that he was romancing from the time he boarded until landing.

What we must also know is; while God is the ” Ultimate Pilot” when you are in trouble;  He also forgives!”.




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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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