God Loves a Mystery

May I just take a moment in my 89th year journey through life, and just speak to the mentors and young ones that this blog tries to address?

I think that this post may be called a “half time” effort. It is #26 of 50 that I hope to put together… after that I don’t know.

Few, if any of you readers will recall the radio program; “I Love a Mystery” of the 40’s.

As you well know, Radio had no competition. Our daily focus was on that mahogany, domed top, Zenith  as a source for information and escape. Among other things, we loved the suspense it provided in it’s  many action and family style programs.

As a young boy, I was also exposed to the familiar books like Tom Sawyer, Robinson Crusoe, Huckleberry Finn, and Jungle Book. We were looking to fly away to another world… not because we could not stand this one. But, because of our desire to vicariously face and overcome adversities. In their own way the heroes showed us how. There are certainly ways of addressing the same things in real time today, but the means and methods are not as clear cut and simple as they were then.

If the meaning of “mystery” is ; “Difficult or impossible to understand”, those of us with “seasoned” minds like to think that today there is little that we can’t prove or debunk. Just Google or Wikipedia it…….to get to the bottom of things.

In our later years of  life, when we examine ourselves in all of our parts; body, mind, and soul, we find mystery in all of them. But, above all, we are mystified by the workings of our soul; there is no such click-on resource to understand, regulate, or improve its’ workings.

Here’s the point; I hardly remember the exact time that I became aware that I shared that “soul” part of me with a live- in partner (not to disparage a marriage of 67 years)…….. It was when it came to me in the Scripture that declared; “You will receive the power WHEN the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you WILL BE my witness.”  The bible has many verses for that same disclosure.

The operative word is “When”  not “IF” it does. And, the “Will be” removes any options, and  provides the resource.

We seek to find the “Power” to solve life’s mysteries, by believing  in the greatest promise of all:  God’s power to overcome anything…. with and through us.

I can write stories to try to convey this message, but none can resonate like your regularly  taking the time  to plant these seeds early in children; that they might resolve many of the mysteries of their lives, that leave them without worthy response or answers.

And, most importantly, please don’t forget to fertilize them often with your own Witness for one of God’s  greatest gifts; “The Holy Spirit”; Mysteriously and thankfully  living, recognized or not, in every one of us.

Thank you for reading this.

















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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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