Why even own a needle?

It seemed like every time Bud sat there on the front porch he had the same memories. Not that they were a bad thing at all, but he could just see Grandpa there in that, now empty chair, rockin’ away and holding forth with his “gems of wisdom”.

So many of them started with “When I was your age”; then a story would follow as if he was supposed to find himself  in the same circumstance. “Well Grandpa” he thought; “Then things were really different, and less complicated.”

Once and a while Grandpa would offer; “Someday you will” so that he thought it might place Bud in real time. Bud pretty much figured it would be hard to predict that “someday”. But, it seemed to take Grandpa out of the past for the  moment.

Bud felt he was not old enough to have much of a past to remember; so he had to start making his own.

This was until he listened to Pastor Franklin at church; who was talking about “remembering” and what the Bible and God said about it. The pastor mentioned the number of times that the words; “Remember your covenant” to this and that; like the Sabbath, and  the Commandments…Then came the main point of the Pastor’s sermon; “Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations. Ask your father, and he will show you, your elders and they will tell you”, as was spoken in the Bible.

He wondered if that was what Grandpa was trying to convey.

So… he went to him and told him about the Pastor’s message, and asked; “It that what you are talking about?”

Grandpa leaned over and took hold of Bud’s arm ;” What’s this… you comin’ over to my way of thinking? That’s great!”

Bud put his hand on his and replied; “It’s really not that; It was just Pastor’s way of telling me what you had been actually talking about.”

His grandpa thought for a minute and said; ” No, I was saying; you “ought to…… and this is the way we did it…… Like we came up with it, or that we never promised God anything after we went our own way, yet He still turned us around. The fact is;  we did not create much of anything, nor did any of our fathers….God did……. everything.”

Then he sailed off on another reflection; ” And another thing; I remember my Grandma often saying; “A stitch in time, saves nine” Do you know what that means?”

Bud thought for a minute and replied; “I guess it means if you do the right thing the first time, you don’t have to keep doing it over and over”

”That’s pretty darn good”,  Grandpa said…..”But it seems to me there is a better way to look at it.  If God made the shirt and you are careful how you wear it,  He will fix it, even if it gets torn…..Why even own a  needle?”

“Wow, that’s deep”, exclaimed Bud.”Did she say that?”

Grandpa answered, shaking his head; “No, but she could have. That was my conclusion.” Then he went off and quoted someone else, shaking his head and sharing ;  They say;  “We get too soon old, and too late smart!”

Bud smiled and gave him a hug saying :”I don’t agree with them.”

“They must not have known my Grandpa!………. And, you can quote me if you like.”


























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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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