The Voice said; “If you had one wish; what would it be?”

Bobbie wondered, first: “Where did that come from?”

Then; “Who is it that could give me any wish that I asked for?”                                                  Thinking; “Boy, if this is true… It’s a miracle!”

Well, he responded; ” What if I wished for a hundred wishes could I have them?

“You understand well enough; a single wish, one time, and forever” was the reply.

Bobbie grabbed a pencil and paper to write his choices down to consider:

A thousand Legos

A new Motorbike

His mom appeared and questioned; “What’s with the list?” Bobbie relied “Just thinking” and went on with the list;

A Magic Wand

A Swimming Pool in the back yard; and……… he went on with the listing until he couldn’t think of anything more.

The Voice then said to Bobbie: “You realize all of these things come and go. Is there not something you will always have that will make a real and lasting difference in your  life?”

Bobbie thought and thought, but nothing came to him, so he went to his teacher, Mrs. Woody and explained his problem.

She wondered; First, where Bobbie had gotten this idea of a Voice, then smiled at is choices. She was his teacher, of course, so she found little difficulty in helping him.

“Bobbie” she said, “What is learning all about/”

The answer came quickly;”About getting smarter?”

“And”……..She questioned;” What word does the bible use for that?”( an obvious question in a Christian School)  She waited…… then, “It begins with W”

Quickly, he chose “Wisdom”. He immediately said; “That’s what the Voice meant; “Something I will always have.”

That night the Voice came again with; “What is your decision?”

Bobbie replied; “Wisdom! When can I have it?”

The Voice, Bobbie now judged as God’s very own, replied; “You already have the gift, for you have recognized me, and you have made your greatest choice in life.?

“It is now OUR wisdom, My gift to you forever”

Bobbie went to sleep thinking; “I can’t wait until tomorrow to use it!”


And,  God was right; He now, twenty years later, helps him with every single sermon .

The Reverend Robert says……..”Amen to that!    …………       Go figure!”














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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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