FRIENDS…..right out of THE BOX

Eli pushed back from the table, thanked his mom for the great breakfast, and made his way toward the front door; his hair combed, a new plaid shirt buttoned clear to the top.

This was to be his first visit to Hummer Bank in weeks.The money was there, the project researched; He was buying a new Premier Focus computer today. This was the one that could do everything but “Give you a big fat kiss when you turn it on.” Not that he was longing for that…… It was, however, a very clever advertisement on T.V.

This was totally his idea, months in the planing.  He smiled as he mounted his bike, excitedly waving to his mom at the door. She reveled at the industry and  independence of her young son, and she had secretly planned to reimburse him later; $425.00 was a huge amount of money, but he had assured her that; “It was extremely smart, fast, and could talk to him.”

The folks at the bank remembered him from his frequent visits with bags of change and small bills……particularly, the stories of funding his own summer camp, and his trip with his mom. The question was, however; “Does your mother know you are doing this?”

He responded, figuring  that if he had worn a tie, and had driven a silver BMW, they would never have asked,  “Oh yes; she thinks it is a very good investment!”.

The Computer Store was about a mile south. Once there, he moved in the direction of the “Q” models; his absolute choice. There were four of them in the front section. He carefully checked one, then another for condition of the shipping box, Suddenly, a voice sounded; “Over here, Eli”. It came from a bottom box with a discounted price sign on it. Eli reached for it and the voice continued; “Thank you man… I was getting crushed; Let’s get out of here!”

Again; “You bring the money?” Eli, amazed that he was even responding, answered; “Yes, all $425.00 of it.

“Q” reassured; “Keep $100 of it. I faked some damage when I knew you were coming.

Without discussion of how in the world that could happen, onto the cart it went… then to the checkout.

Q was delighted at the bond they instantly developed, and began buzzing away at the thought of how many lawns mowed, windows washed, dogs walked, that it might have taken to set him free. He felt extremely grateful, and he was going to prove it.

Eli, though very puzzled with the whole episode, patted “Him” on the box. He truly loved the $100 bucks and playfully placed his lips on the cardboard top; To “Q’s” response “Hey, that’s my job! Didn’t you read the ad?”

It was a long ride home with “Q” in the basket struggling to direct Eli with a slightly incorrect map quest, and Eli reassuring him that he already knew the way..

Mom met them, as she was sweeping the driveway; with the greeting; “Yea, you did it!”

Then a buzz, and a kindly voice from the box; ” No mam, WE did it” .We are partners now. And now, if you don’t mind, may we have our privacy until we are programmed?” Stunned, she watched the two of them move up the stairs to Eli’s room.

During the way home Eli had thought about the way to approach his new (and very verbal) friend; First, he would read the manual from cover to cover and make notes  But just before he finished, the now open and on the desk computer began major buzzing and repeated clicking sounds; the screen flashing images all over the place. Q then hesitated for a moment and delivered the message on the screen; “You don’t mind if I start do you?”

Eli immediately replied; “How do you think I am going to learn if you take over everything?”

Q, this time over the speaker. said; “Be my guest!” absolutely thrilled at Eli’s initiative.

The computer shut down and Eli began the process; every move in keeping with the manual. Q, fully convinced that he could not have done it better.

The time had come for the password, and Eli was about to type it in when the characters; B   I  G   FAT   KISS appeared.

Eli began laughing big time; Only to inquire ” Shall I change it?”

Q immediately lit up the screen with a beautiful scene of two boys walking down a path ascending to a giant mountain, covered with flowers of every kind and color, and a singing bird in every tree; the horizon blazing red and gold that nearly blinded him.

“Q” then appeared on the screen in the form of one of the boys, he grabbed the others’ hand. And, with a tear rolling down his cheek said; “That’s O.K. Eli”

“The Chinese just had no idea that it would be you and me!”















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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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