The promise to Bobbie was….”Show up next Sunday, and we will go treasure hunting.” followed with; “Be sure to wear old clothes and bring some plastic bags.”

I have spoken of his Uncle Charlie before, and his love for discovery. As an antique dealer, it was obvious that he was always looking to make a deal for things that would qualify as “old and valuable”.

He had proved many times that he had developed a good eye for antiquity, but Bobbie was soon to realize that it took arms, legs and patience to sort through the bad to find the good. It took many fingers to count the dry runs, when the truck returned with boxes of pure junk.

None the less, Bobbie showed up with torn jeans and a box full of bags.

What Charlie was not sure of;  was what the boarded up door in the basement of his newly acquired house in Old Town was to reveal.

Armed with a crowbar, he turned to Bobbie with the invitation; “You want to do the honors?” With that, Bobbie began pulling the nails that secured them to the wall. Then, as the boards fell, there was a “whoosh” of stinky-stale air that followed. Then the feeling that he did not want to be there.

This was supported by the fact that were rats scurrying all over the place,

Charlie advised; “Wait a moment until “things”  settle and we’ll check it out.” Well ,we could imagine what a “moment” could mean, but it took real time to build the courage to step into that rat hole.

Charlie, as he most often did, took the initiative as he reached for the light switch just inside the opening . A series of dim, web-covered light bulbs came on, along a long, long  row of dusty old oak barrels, that lined the concrete walls.

Bobbies’ question was; “What the heck?”

Charlies’ answer was; “Well you certainly won’t need those bags!” He walked over to the first one, and turned on the spigot, allowing the contents to spill onto the floor; then allowed some into his hand to taste it.

With a smile, he announced , as he often did when he found treasures; “God certainly does work in strange ways! ….. If my guess is right, this is 50 year old Bourbon, and worth a ton!”

You see Charlie was a survivor of prohibition.. where it was against the law to produce liquor and sell it. And, he dabbled a bit in the science of making it…… This was before God found him. Let’s say he had a bit of insight, and God had the foresight.

After searching his mind for the right response, he turned to Bobbie and reminded him of the expression (perhaps even sort of biblical): “Waste not…….Want not!”

‘We will just have to let things take their course”, he allowed.

Bobbie looked at him, shocked at these revelations, and asked: “What course?”

After a moment the answer came; “You know that addition that our church want’s to build? We got it…. and then some!”

Bobbie, delighted in Charlies’ recovery and generous offer, gave him a hug, and added; “You’re the best!”

Charlie summed it up; “Well, it’s altogether possible that God might reward me a small “Holy Commission”……. for my house from His new house. Mine really needs painting… May I hear an Amen?”

God did not say either way, but in support, Bobbie offered; “But it WAS  a very productive use of “Your” corn.”

Charlie summed it up; “The Lord giveth, and He taketh away” adding; “But in this case;  only after it was well seasoned!”

Just then a truck full of paints (of many colors) drove up……(and 12 spanking new brushes).

Along with ……… A gift certificate for “Anything More” if he needed it!

Now, that’s a  deal !

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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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