Send ME in coach (a message to elders)

Ah, another year to handle; a time for resolutions to quit something or begin another. Most of us who are over eighty, are amazed that we are still here. We have watched our contemporaries face so many of life’s challenges… many have departed this world.

The dilemma is; What do we do now, if we have been so blessed by God in the past? May we ultimately ask the question; What now Father? His reply might well be; “Funny you should ask. Have you finished with what I planned for you from day one?”

Perhaps we find at this point in time that we are tired and feel entitled to a good rest. Or possibly it is like we have quit riding because our horse died or fell sick? Could he have been named “Purpose”?

What God gives us, with which we serve Him, never dies; nor is it to be deferred or diminished. WE are the horse… older, wiser, and still able to pull the wagon of God’s desire. And it still is about the JOURNEY, not about any finish line.

That voice that once pressed us onward is still to be heard. Only in answer to our prayers will come His summons….often in subtle form; as a strange phone call or reunion, a revelation in the middle of the night… Or even as simple as driving to the grocery store.

God will do marvelous works to enrich our lives at any stage. But first it may be only to the plea that offers: “Send me in coach, I can still score!”. His business is confirming the truth of that statement…..once offered.

HIS SPIRIT WITHIN US continues to show us just how it is…… that we can.

And, you and I  certainly don’t have to be under any age!

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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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