How can God think so Small?

While much of our focus in daily life is spent on the things of “Grand Import” like: Space Exploration, International Trade Agreements, and Political gyrations, and “the”  new book or movie…… what do you suppose God is thinking about?

Once and a while we can get a picture of His daily concerns, if we close our eyes and listen to the smallness going all around us that receives His  attention. Matthew declares; “He knows even when a swallow falls to the ground.”

I know this to be true;

I’m sitting in a chair beside the creek at the Lodge and there came a tiny; Peep-peep-peep, coming from somewhere.

Again, more desperate than before;  Peeeep- peeep-peep! Was it coming from my side of the creek …..or the other?

As I rose, the voice softened and seemed up somewhere in the trees. Immediately as I focused on a nest high up…a huge crow swooped down a struck him so as to knock him from the nest and to the ground at my feet. The crow found a spot above and began cawing me to “bug off !”

The tiny duckling dazed, but apparently not damaged, staggered to the bank where his mother was quacking away in the shadows of the creek. It was an apparent reminder; that translated something like; “See what happens if you don’t say close to me.”

The little one found his way under her wing,

In these days we like to tell our stories of grand miracles and heroic struggles. This was neither. We may call this a happy accident or a miracle. It was neither. It was evidence of God’s domain…….over the large AND the small of life.

Ultimately, it may have been a lesson for me, who is too often a fan of “The Big Picture”.

Pay attention …… God is at work…..and not everything is calculated to bowl us over with His power and majesty… It is all part of a larger plan……now I am telling the story. You will witness your own. We might both consider;

Would He do the same thing for that ugly Crow if he fell from his mile high perch into a bed of broken glass?

Certainly……. Most probably He, in His wisdom, would stop the bleeding, and give him a firm pat on the bottom; And, as any Father would, advise him to pick on someone his own size.

Sorry Lord, but as you speak of forgiveness; we also know about “doing unto others”.

Did I get that right?













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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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