Eli awakened this Saturday morning much later than usual. His mom, concerned about this, called at his door; “You up son? I’m waiting on you for breakfast.

He returned; “I’ll be there in a minute… Shaking his head that he should be caught up in that night’s dream for so long. At the table Amber asked; “Sleep O.K. ? I was about to give up on you.”

In between gulps of orange juice, he told of a marathon dream of fishing on the Columbia. And, this had the makings of a very long story that had totally captured his attention.

He began; ” You know that book that Uncle Brett gave me on fishing? You remember he was going to take me first day of the season…. Well, we went in my dream. You know he has that old motorboat that he keeps at his houseboat, that he takes out into the Columbia for work and fishing ?  …..I dreamed that the season had started and we were going Salmon fishing.”

You dropped me off, and he was just finishing loading the boat, and checking out the engine. He had bait and poles and stuff ready to go. So we took off right away and headed to a place called Sauvies Island. He begins his trips just off the ocean side, then works down river.”

“I had just baited my hook….With a Chicken leg? What?….Who does that?”

Well anyway, it was about 2 minutes when there was a major pull on my pole… that slammed me into the rail, nearly jerking my arm off.

Off we went, headed for the Ocean. I looked at Brett, who was just eating a sandwich. He smiled and just told me; “Hang on, It’s probably just a big Sturgeon…… but you’re just going to have to let him go. Eli quickly came back: “Let him go? I didn’t want him in the first place!” as he tried to reel him in..

Two hours later, after seeing all the scenery along the whole river, he collapsed and handed the pole to Brett, who had bagged (get this) six drive-by salmon with his bare hands, during the the trip. Brett replied…..”Hold on Eli. I don’t know what is happening, but I am catching fish!” Eli, with one giant tug, drew the monster beside the boat.

“What in the world?” he cried… Look at this guy, he is as big as the boat!”

“And, get this……He rose to the surface and said “Any more chicken, young man?”

His mother broke down laughing…….”Eli, how do you come up with these things, even in a dream.?”

Eli began giggling and added; “I know…….. Sturgeon don’t eat chicken legs.”

Well, they all set this aside, including Brett who declared;”Well, catching all that Salmon would be my dream!”

And, we could just leave it there as a weird dream.. But on their next visit to the hatchery where they had a major fish display; they came up on a pond full of old sturgeon…..AND believe it or not, there was a huge  White Sturgeon who floated to the bank and looked up at Eli.

You ready?.. …It questioned : “Hi Eli,    GOT CHICKEN?”

Which leaves us to the conclusion that Eli had no idea where his dream ended.

And……obviously, the monster had seen a Col. Sanders commercial, and of course you can’t leave out the fries…..but, again, who said he would even dream of eating them?

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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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