What do you do with no plan for the summer? Young boys seldom face that quandary. Some moms and dads might say; ” Just do what we did; Run a muck! “The boys might say in another day; fair enough, but …..What is a muck?…..and then do it!

We have progressed too far in the technology field to settle for no plan… no destination. “Hanging out” like the old timers, just has no appeal whatsoever. First of all; the first parental question at the dinner table might well be “Eli what did you do today?” While there may be no grand expectation for breaking some kind of world record for something.. Today, however, it probably should be memorable.  Or, at least worthy of putting it in ones’ diary. So the answer might come; “I just  finished my entire weeks math lessons”  Yeah right!

Short of that, an answer did come; ” Bud and me climbed Mt. Shasta!” His dad quickly came back; “First of all there is no Bud and me. It’s Bud and I. And second; How do you figure that you might get permission… Even if you asked?’

Eli assured him that he left a serious note on the hall table…….A glance in that direction would provide that assurance…… Yes, there is a piece of paper folded there.

Eli, to redirect the conversation, began ;

“Buds’ mom and dad had dropped by and asked if I would like to go to Mt. Shasta with them. They were going to visit the Center there, and would be back early. No one was around, so I said sure, and left a note.”

“We got there and listened to the talk, and Buds’ folks received a call saying that his grandma had fallen and had been taken to the hospital. They had to go. We talked them into letting us stay there and going on a tour……that we could be picked up at 4:00. They said they would.”

He continued; “The tour had already started so we just hung out until Bud reminded me  that he had brought his new GPS and insisted that we could go on ourselves.

“What could be safer?” He reminded.

They started out on their own, the trail clearly marked with signage. About 2 miles up there was a posting:”Trail Closed for Debris Removal” There was another poorly maintained path leading to the left.

Bud, eager to put his GPS  to work. said: “No problem we’ll just use this and we will be fine.” On they went, until the trail was blocked by a sizable slide of very large boulders. It was in trying to climb over them that the GPS fell into the pile and disappeared.

Eli continued with his story: “When we tried to make our way back, we must have lost our direction, and we could not recognize anything familiar. So we sat down and tried to figure things out. While we did that, we heard a soft growl coming from a cluster of bushes nearby.”

“I got up to take a look, and saw a large Grey Wolf that had come up on us and was just staring at us. Then he started pacing back and forth. Then, he moved about ten steps downhill, and looked back at us.” Bud had it figured out…..”He was just trying to tell us something.”

“We moved a few steps and stopped.  He did the same thing.” I wondered; “Could he possibly be trying to get us to follow him?” And, so we did… all the way back to the original trail and the marker. In the end, he just stood there like a statue.

Amber interrupted him; ” Your’re saying that wild animal brought you back to safety?”…….No Way! Bud joined in: “That’s right, he absolutely did.”

Eli’s folks had settled with the promise that Eli would never fail to ask permission before going out on his own.

It was a week, however, that he was plagued with the memory of the Grey Wolf. How is it that he could do what he did?

This took him clear to Sunday when after the service he  came to Pastor Randy and told him the story.

He smiled and  answered his question; “You are not the first one to ask me this. First of all it has never been; how God can use an unlikely person, animal, or thing to carry out his will? He will do anything to lead us to understand that part . You will remember in Sunday school the stories of Noah, Abraham, Moses and David where Doves, and Whales, and Lions were all part of His plan for rescue.

God knows that these kinds of events could change our life, and make us stop and think.

It is truly wonderful that you received that gift so early in life… that you may tell others to look for theirs; the same will surely also come in the most unlikely way.”

No need to wonder how Eli might choose to begin… It was the same day that the most beautiful image of a Grey Wolf appeared as “his picture” on all of his social media pages.

Each had the caption;” This was my gift… Have you had yours?”

1249 hits later….. he had totally become another of God’s “Unlikely Messengers”.

They all got the message!

And, the Grey Wolf hath given birth to it !





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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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