To fear God does not mean to be afraid of Him. It means to revere Him and allow Him into our hearts. God has brought justice and truth to every forum, that we might enjoy the life He intended for us.

It is in those departures from His will that we would test Him. As any father would correct a child that he be saved from pain and frustrations, so would He; but never would He withdraw from us. Some of what is brought to the pulpit is of the “fire and brimstone” nature. The antithesis is the “feel good” alternative, that suggests “religion” alone will assure us of the attainment of our goal of happiness and security. In a large part neither is the designed path.

The “narrow path” as described in His Word asserts that it is a matter of the choices we must make and reminds us of the certain guilt that can be experienced as we disregard His council. The departure can instill fear, for we know that we have been foolish.

The Word asserts that it is serving God’s purposes for our one-of-a -kind lives, that will bring us fulfillment. Not just our own, but His joy as well.

The mystery behind the events can add substance or frustration to our lives. It is His challenge to our willingness to do the research and discovery. More than that, listen to His voice within us that speaks full into our confusion.

If we base our conduct and response to His revelations upon fear and retribution, we will never find the strength that comes from measuring our will to creatively follow His lead; To seek His life-lifting council during every storm.

My poem follows:

When the blustery winds of life have died down

and gently passed away…bestowing bright futures promise

that grows stronger every day

I look to God the founder

and hasten yet to say

As trails and tempests frame us

and girds us stronger still

Our Fathers love commends us

as we surrender to his will

Each day will have it’s sunsets

to introduce the dark

Each morn we put behind us

we live to claim His heart


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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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