Well, after many (some 46) stories, I am wondering what’s next? If one is a writer, a change in focus is like a leopard trying to change his spots… but, one is still a leopard!

After years of blogging “Christian content”…..This year it seemed time to make a change; to direct attention to a subject of contemporary concern. How do we reach young people to help them develop responsibility, and foster Christian values? Thus; travelstomanhood. blog; Short stories for young boys.

What I find, as the result, is that there is a strong endorsement for this effort from among parents and cultures. And, since much of the response is from them… women in particular; I’m wondering if I might set aside the original focus on children and their journey, and just speak with parents who are the primary instruments for that implementation.

The following, (at least for a time) while I try to change my spots, will be between  you and me. It is no secret that while men must be ” models for manhood”; moms work tirelessly on the ingredients.

And again, I’ll try to keep it short.


These are the words printed on my favorite T shirt, a gift from my daughter Christa.

No, she was not talking about me, but the maker of all things great and small; Our father in heaven.. And, that anything we might consider “bright and beautiful” are but mere copies or extensions of that which existed from day one when He said “Let there be light” in us.

After centuries of mutation and new birth at His hand, he is still at work through us.

Artists are credited to have the “artists eye”. often perceiving more than what  was offered by a photograph or painting. For most, it was not an acquired skill, but evidence of “the seed” planted even before birth.

The question is, as parents; “Where do we come into the process?”

The answer is;  first in the recognition of the existence of that gift , and of helping  in the watering of it. Education, whatever it may be, is secondary. The focus should not  be it’s marketability,  or a desire for self -expression , or ofttimes  an extension of our own parental desires (being a man…I know how difficult this may be.)

This is not to dismiss the importance of being a provider, but it suggests that there is more than one side to establishing purpose in every life.

There are things that can be ones’ ” Life’s work”, and things that build purpose……that makes our “LIFE work ” . Ideally they would be one the same .

Our recognition of those  options and their agreement with God’s  plan, unique to each individual, will be a measure of an ultimate reward in parenthood.









































































































































. Moms work tirelessly on the ingredients.

And again, I will try to keep it short.


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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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