Pity the man with only one horse to ride

This is a story for young and old…… This is an observation that  I coined some yeas ago. It brings a smile to many. One might view it in the literal context, as in the case of my own daughter who decided many years ago that she must have two horses and many, many other animals. They now as elders , and 25 years hence, question that wisdom as they shovel, and feed, lunge and visit the veterinarian.

Another less troublesome conception is; that we have certain skills that allow us to be clever in more than one area. Right now a am thinking of a noted brain surgeon who entertains us at my Brain Study Group meetings, as a professional level concert pianist.

Short of that, we may have been chosen, perhaps even before birth, to serve God and family. Certainly there is “work” and there is always an alternative or two that give us a another reason to get up in the morning.

The blessing is that in those cases these other options draw our attention away from ourselves and into other opportunities for creative expression, and other people.

Let’s say this is true… what might be the barrier to those discoveries?

Today, it might well be how we seek to be identified; Is it the car we drive, where we live, our exotic tastes and vacations? The more we become self absorbed and “me-like” (And it has nothing to do with age)…….. It is a very large boat with the Media in command.

In the same way, our children are urged to gratify and compete in the same manner. Their engagement in finding, and developing their gifts, being  totally set aside.

Please help them find those “other horses” within them early on. They exist, and they will take them where they may never have gone otherwise.

No shovel, no exotic food, or (pardon me) expensive veterinarian.

P.S. My daughter Christa (now retired) has saddled up several “alternative horses” (in gardening, painting, and restoration).

Her husband Dennis (the ultimate helper) still shovels, feeds, and gives out the pills…. but still looking for another expression for his gifts.

……….If he were to post a sign today,it might be ” WILL TRAVEL…HAVE VEHICLE ?”

My advise? ….”Yes,  it’s parked right outside, and God has the only key !”

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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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