About Bacon…..Or the fruits of our labors

“Bringing home the Bacon” is what we called it in my generation; and perhaps beyond. The implication here is that men had a role to play as husband and father. There was no competition, nor was there a slight to women who had a desire or need to work.

It was assured that we all have a role: i suppose viewed as a natural one. Every culture has it’s hunters and nurturers.

Today, it is the subject of great discussion as to who is committed to do what. There is significant evidence that some men are choosing to be less responsible as providers. Depression and drugs have crept into the picture, and they are registering  new and disturbingly low levels of testosterone

Women have, as the result, been moving into a dominant role and have statistically become better students, and actually many are receiving similar wages and taking over key, high level positions in the marketplace. In essence, they are bringing a higher percentage of the bacon because of the quality level of their labors.

Through all of this the institution of marriage has begun to suffer; as has that of parenthood.

The question may be one of; “which came first , the chicken or the egg.”  Was there first an apparent male abdication (purposeful of unintended) Or has there just been some kind of female uprising in the form of women’s rights ? And, has it weakened the role of the male of the household?

I think it is the former… and so do the so called experts. I do not know who said this, but he, or she, is right.  “They do not make men the way they used to.” And, just who would “they” be ? The answer may well be ; Society.

Society, and many schools, have been downplaying women’s gift of managing the home, and performing the many thankless tasks of making it a place of love and learning. A place where children can grow to be responsible and mature in their respect for how families must function to bring true and lasting purpose into every members life.

Things are not as simple and dad plowing the fields or wrestling with machinery, or mom just cooking and cleaning, and ironing shirts. But the requirement for dedication to some of the other seemingly simple things like tutoring and monitoring, with honest assessments, the lives of children; in this way more complex world. It cannot be usurped or assigned to others.

Can we live to day in a separate-in-focus, but equal world? Can we dismiss the idea of dominance, and upgrade our thinking  to being part of a larger, and requisite foundation that is necessary to support marriage and the family? More than ever, men must contribute strength to the marriage. More than ever, women must manage a stable and nurturing environment as only they can.

The stones are in our hands, and they are often heavy. More often than not, it will take two to carefully lift them into place.

Let no one claim superiority in the project. The victory is in the HOUSE that spans generations… those who must go forward and do likewise.

One to be treasured by God and history.

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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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