WHAT TO BE…when I grow up

How many times has this question been posed (by ourselves and others) thru the years?

It would seem that we believe that we have a mission…. even a destination to reach. We might break it down to those times in early school years when we take things in small bites… learn to spell; multiplication tables and the like; into the assimilation of technical skills..

Just prior to our wage earning years, we look for “the right job” and the best way to prepare for it through education..

While we wait for resolution, counting it as an arrival point, we may often neglect the truth, and think we  are the the main determinant of what that destination will be, and when we will arrive there.

You may be aware;  if you are an elder, and see those works in your children, that there is one destination and no arrival time that has been factored into every being at the time of birth.

We will be a work in progress up to and through eternity.

You might respond then; ” That’s just some kind of Christian concept that has no basis in reason .” My response would be; ” You are absolutely right.”

I would speak then to those of us who have children and family who have arrived at what they believed to be their life’s objective; retirement. They have planned and saved and set forth their plan for a good life, only to move into it and find that somehow  “purpose” disappeared.

And, was it ever ours to own and forfeit?

God would say “no” to everyone regardless of their level of belief in His fatherhood.

All of those “accidents”( happy or not) that have formed us into who we have become.  Those seemingly simple events, have been His considered interventions to shape and remind us that “WE ARE NEVER FINISHED WITH  THE JOB OF BEING WHAT HE INTENDED”

The level of our “success” and happiness depends upon if and when we come to know that.

You would say; “So now He tells me ?”

He would say yes… If your life’s end be only one day forward…..you will  continue growing up “In Him”;  Mankind’s Father; yesterday, today, and forever.







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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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