being GOD is a full time job

Today one might write about the journey to outer space or the center of the earth, or for that matter, about any of the man- made miracles that occupy much of mankind’s interests today.

Let me depart from all of that action and wonder to speak of  the small, tender works of God  that receives way less attention. They slip right by us.

The Word declares : ” He knows when a swallow falls to the ground.”

This story supports that fact that nowhere does He draw the line.

Here’s the story: On an early Saturday morning I was crossing the bridge over the creek near our home.

A continuous sound of the “caw” of crows sounded off the surface of the water.

Several ducks who were paddling about in the slow moving water looked about nervously toward the source of all the noise; several big black crows, knowing that they were talking about dinner.

And the sound of that dinner came from  up in the nearby tree  in the form of peep…peep….peep  Again and again. Each time more desperate than before. It then sounded  softer  as I moved about; then I found the source. As I approached, a crow made a dive for a small fuzzy object as it moved onto the branch that held the nest.

A flurry of quacks came from the creek as the crow left his perch on high . I moved forward thinking to intervene, but the duckling fell from the branch, tiny wings flailing away; only to land with a bounce 10 feet away. Shucks!

That was it.. I was there to give a testimony; not as a protector. God had orchestrated  the whole thing. Dazed, but apparently not damaged, he stumbled to where his mother was quacking away in the soft shadows of the water. It was an apparent reminder, likely translated; “See what happens when you don’t stay close to me!”

We can call this a happy accident or a little fulfillment of God’s larger plan.

Would he have done the same thing for. the crow if he fell into a pile of rose thorns? Certainly. But in his infinite wisdom He would stop the bleeding, and give him a pat on the bottom. And, as a Father, advise him to pick on someone his own size.

And as for me; He would suggest…… ” You tell a fair story, but try to be a bit quicker on your feet……you have dominion you know!”





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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..

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