There is a story that tells of a most “religious” man who was stranded on a rooftop when a tremendous flood hit his town. In time, a rescue boat came to  rescue him. He flags them off saying; “Don’t worry about me . I believe in God….. and He will save me.”

As the water continues to rise, he climbs to the roof and once again a boat comes. He recites the same response; “He will save me”. When the water had risen to the very top of the house, the man climbed to the top pf the chimney, and a buzzing helicopter throws a rope down to him only to find the same response; “Faith will save him”. They buzz off.

He was, at last, swept away and drowns: His last words; “Help me, Father!”

He arrives in heaven and implores of God; “I was your faithful servant , worshiping you, loving and trusting you; Yet you did not save me when I called. Why Lord, why?”

God looks up at the man with a puzzled expression and says” “That’s odd, I was sure that I had sent you two boats and a helicopter!”

Why, for some of us, does God’s grace have to be miraculous or in the form of OUR choosing? Does He have to wait until our back is against the wall until there are few, if any, options to step in and rescue us? Can we earn our deliverance by huge displays of dedication when there are options made available for us that are less dramatic but still serve to “save the day”?

We may well have to stay tuned to even the small opportunities, perhaps not recognizable at that time, to witness God’s early warnings or interventions, against forces that could remove us from this world, or leave us with scars beyond repair.

If we are so busy in our foolish and vain efforts to demonstrate our courage and conviction that God will intervene, we may well have missed the boat (literally) as our poor misdirected friend did. We have also missed the point God loves a listener, not a fool. He does not need a demo of our every dedication. He knows your plight and the strength of your personal acts and promises.

As the Word has it; “Answer a fool according to his folly; or he will be wise in his own eyes”.     Proverbs; 26/4



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I am a retired great grandfather, father of four; a writer (long time blogger) and visual artist. And, most importantly,a believer in the power of God to change lives..


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